Q: How do you ensure inclusivity and equal opportunities for women in your personal and professional spheres?
A: "I do what I can for women in leadership positions to feel supported and are set for success."
Q: How do you perceive the current state of gender equality in our society? Can you share an instance where you witnessed or became aware of gender-based discrimination?
A: "Gender equality is seen as a threat to the status quo in too many spheres. I’ve witnessed women subject to the same bias and micro aggressions that I’ve experienced as a person of color."
Q: How do you challenge or combat gender stereotypes in your daily life?
A: "I challenge the veracity of stereotypes when presented to me."
Q: How do you recognize and address the intersectionality of gender with other aspects of identity, such as race, ethnicity, and socioeconomic status? Can you share an experience where you considered the intersectional aspects of a women's issue?
A: "There have been times when I’ve not been recognized for my contributions and I’ve felt exploited for my hard work."
Thank you to Marty Martin for volunteering your time to participate in this unique and special project!

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